Millennials are hopelessly hooked on coffee and they’re pushing demand up


Over the years, coffee consumption has become a crucial part of the millennial identity.

Whether it’s used to fuel an early morning wake-up, a late night of working or simply to inspire some extra likes on their Instagram accounts, there’s no denying that today’s young adults are seriously immersed in the coffee craze.

In fact, a new report from Bloomberg shows that millennials have grown so accustomed to their daily caffeine kick that their massive consumption of coffee has pushed global demand to a record high.

According to Chicago-based researcher Datassential, people aged between around 19 to 34 currently make up about 44 percent of the U.S. coffee demand. Surprisingly, during the past eight years, while millennial coffee consumption increased, coffee consumption in adults 40 and older saw a significant decrease.   Read more…

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