AR helmet startup Skully may have risen from the dead

 It seems Skully, the AR helmet company that crashed and burned last year after the former CEO Marcus Weller refused to sign a confidentiality deal with investors is trying to make a comeback. A letter sent to those who had previously subscribed to the Skully email list, and obtained by TechCrunch, says new company SKULLY Technologies is bringing back the helmet. Interestingly, cousins and… Read More

GGV’s Jenny Lee says Xiaomi doesn’t need to come to the U.S.

 Xiaomi is one of the most valuable startups in the world and has become a big icon in smartphone design, sometimes suggested as an analog to Apple in China. The company’s flagship phones receive a ton of press in the U.S., too, but they aren’t available in the U.S. just yet. Instead, Xiaomi is looking to emerging markets like India in addition to getting its phones into the hands… Read More

Watch Justin Trudeau’s awkward pause before he calls Donald Trump ‘authentic’


During an interview with the founders of theSkimm, Justin Trudeau managed to somehow not say anything good OR bad about Donald Trump.

After the founders of the daily newsletter asked what surprises him about Trump, the Canadian prime minister hemmed and hawed a bit before explaining, “He’s authentic. In that the person he is on camera, in public, is very true to the person he is in private. There’s a consistency there one can work with.

So all the off-the-wall things he says are “authentic,” eh?

Later, after toasting with Labatt 50, they asked him if he could change Trump’s mind on one issue, what would it be? Trudeau expertly evaded the question. Read more…

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This ‘Sesame Street’ episode can help you talk to your kids about Harvey


As Tropical Storm Harvey continues to rain down on Houston and its surrounding areas, an old episode of Sesame Street offers clarity on how to discuss disasters like these with children.

In 2012 — in the wake of Hurricane Sandy — Sesame Street aired a condensed version of the show’s 2001 hurricane story arc, a week-long series that showed the neighborhood preparing for a natural disaster.

“Every year, there are a number of natural disasters that affect many people,” says Sesame Street‘s Gordon at the start of the episode. “Even if you are not directly affected, the television coverage of these events can be scary— especially to young children.”  Read more…

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The truth behind that cryptic look on Tyrion’s face in the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale


The Game of Thrones Season 7 finale left us with a few certainties: The Wall has been broken, allowing the Night King and his undead army into Westeros; Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen, rightful heir to Westeros; and Sansa and Arya are Westeros’ most badass team, united against anyone that means to do their family harm.

But the finale, titled “The Dragon and the Wolf,” also left us with plenty of questions, thanks to a number of ambiguous scenes that only hinted at our characters’ motives: Why was Tyrion lurking outside Daenerys’ door after Jon went in to consummate his relationship with his secret aunt? Is he jealous of Jon because he’s secretly been longing for Dany all this time? What did he say to Cersei to get her to agree (however disingenuously) to a truce? Could he have betrayed Dany and cemented a new alliance with his sister?  Read more…

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