Why can’t Colin Kaepernick get a job?


Why can’t Colin Kaepernick get a job? He apparently can’t get so much as an interview. 

Even Spike Lee or all people smells something “fishy” about the the stone-cold reception Kaepernick’s talents are receiving in the NFL world. 

A post-brunch Instagram post by Lee that made headlines Monday could initially be dismissed as just another bizarro bubble in the celebrity fishbowl. But it actually illuminates one of the football world’s most fascinating and controversial spring storylines. 

In an Instagram post Sunday, the director and sports fan implored his hometown New York Jets to sign Kaepernick, who’s currently an NFL free agent. But Lee also wrote something more. His caption read in part: “How Is It That There Are 32 NFL Teams And Kap Is Still A Free Agent? WTF. Smells MAD Fishy To Me,Stinks To The High Heavens.” Read more…

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Obi-Wan Kenobi is back. Here’s what it means for the Star Wars saga.


Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Star Wars: Rebels episode “Twin Suns.” 

From a certain point of view, Obi-Wan Kenobi sits at the very center of the entire Star Wars saga. 

Dead or alive, Kenobi is the only human character who shows his face in every episode of the original and prequel trilogies. His inability to prevent the rise of the Empire, or the creation of Darth Vader, is the core story of Episodes I-III. Kenobi’s nurturing of Luke — and lying to the kid about his dad — sets in motion the core story of Episodes IV-VI. The core mystery of how he turned into a Force ghost when he lost his duel with Darth Vader in Star Wars lasted six whole movies.  Read more…

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