Scientists say ‘prelude’ to the sixth mass extinction is happening right now


When plant and animal species go extinct, it’s usually a clear sign that humans have messed up. We’ve over-hunted, destroyed habitats, polluted waterways, and altered the climate by burning fossil fuels, wiping species off the planet for good.

We tend to study extinctions to understand just how much we have disrupted the planet’s ecosystems. But in a new scientific study published on Monday, scientists said we’re not paying nearly enough attention to the “prelude” to global extinction — as in, the dwindling population sizes and ranges of existing species that can be a warning sign of a bigger extinction event to come. Read more…

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Alcohol withdrawal led to ‘True Blood’ star Nelsan Ellis’ death, his family says


Actor Nelsan Ellis, known for his role in the HBO vampire series True Blood, died on Saturday at 39 after complications with heart failure stemming from alcohol withdrawal. 

At the time of his death, Ellis’ manager Emily Gerson Saines said the actor died due to complications with heart failure, but further details of the actor’s passing were scarce. But on Monday, Ellis’ family released a statement to The Hollywood Reporter with more information about his death, including the actor’s struggle with alcohol and drug addiction.

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Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi launches commercially in India

 Express Wi-Fi is one of Facebook’s many connectivity initiatives under its umbrella. Unlike more futuristic projects like the Aquila drone, though, the emphasis here is on existing Wi-Fi technologies and allowing local entrepreneurs to resell internet access. The company is currently trialing this project in India, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Indonesia. Read More

Decibel Insight scores $9M Series A for “digital experience analytics” tech

 Decibel Insight, a U.K. startup that has built “digital experience analytics” tech to help large companies understand how individual customers interact with its websites and apps, has raised $9 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Eight Road Ventures, with participation from John Simon, via his Ventureforgood investment entity. Read More