What to expect from Google I/O 2017

 Google’s annual I/O developer conference starts on Wednesday, and the 2017 edition of the show should be full of news and announcements, just like every year before now. Typically, we see lots in the way of new versions of Google apps, new software features and even major operating system updates – all of those are likely to be revealed during tomorrow’s keynote at 10 AM… Read More

Lisnr’s data-over-audio technology aims to replace QR code scanning, NFC

 A startup called Lisnr wants to replace NFC and QR codes with a new technology that sends data over audio — a communication protocol it’s calling Smart Tone. The technology it’s invented can be used across a number of applications, including point-of-sale transactions, ticketing and authentication, offline messaging, device to device connectivity and more. Read More

SoFi’s CEO wishes the US had less student loan debt

 SoFi was founded on the business of helping high-earning graduates refinance their student loans. But perhaps ironically, CEO Michael Cagney thinks today’s record amount of student loan debt is a bad thing. “I wish there were a lot less student loan debt out there,” Cagney said in an interview at Disrupt NY today. Part of the reason he believes so much debt exists is… Read More