Amazon Prime Now launches in Singapore, its first market in Southeast Asia

 It’s official — Amazon has launched its Prime New delivery service in Singapore, its first market in Southeast Asia. The Amazon apps went live in Singapore early last night local time, and Prime Now — an aggressive two-hour delivery service — is available to Singapore’s population of over five million people from today. The launch does not include the full… Read More

Crunchbase raises $18M, debuts Enterprise business intelligence, plans ‘Marketplace’ for 3rd party data

 Crunchbase — the database spun out from TechCrunch that charts startups, other tech companies, the people who work for them, and those who fund them — has secured some new funding of its own — $18 million — and with it, a new plan. The company is announcing a new service called Crunchbase Enterprise for business intelligence. And in addition to this, it’s… Read More

Carjojo uses natural language to find a new car

Carjojo in action Carjojo’s latest update brings some big changes to its Edge2Edge machine learning technology. The service has allowed users to search for and buy a new car since going live in November 2016, but new features make it easier to search every. single. car. on dealership lots right now — about 4 million on any given day, according to the Carjojo press release. The first improvement… Read More