An envelope in a Barcelona flea market held the work of an unknown master photographer


Image: Milagros Caturla, courtesy of Tom Sponheim

In the summer of 2001, American Tom Sponheim was vacationing in Barcelona with his wife. On their way to the cathedral of Sagrada Familia, they wandered through the bustling flea market of Els Encants.

Sponheim spotted a stack of photo negatives on a table, and after checking that they were decently exposed, asked the vendor how much. She asked for $2.50 for an envelope of the shots. He paid her $3.50.

Upon returning home, Sponheim scanned the negatives and discovered that he had stumbled upon the work of an unknown but immensely talented photographer. Read more…

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1960s instructional photos teach fast-food workers how (and how not) to dress for success


An example of how not to dress on the job.

Image: Chattanooga History Center/Continental Film Collections/Picnooga

An example of good workplace presentation.

Image: Chattanooga History Center/Continental Film Collections/Picnooga

These images from the Chattanooga History Center were produced as training materials for new hires at Krystal restaurants, a fast-food franchise founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1932.

With a menu centering around the bite-sized Krystal burger, the restaurant aimed to provide fast and courteous service to customers in a hurry.

Along with an orientational training film, these photos were shot as examples for employees of how and how not to present themselves behind the counter. Read more…

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