London’s Rooks Nest Ventures is a new early-stage fund to bridge media, entertainment, and tech

 London has a new VC in town. Officially launching today, having already made a number of investments, is Rooks Nest Ventures. The VC firm is described as an early-stage, evergreen fund targeting tech startups that are innovating in and around content, along with companies creating “highly licensable intellectual property”. Read More

The consumerization of healthcare

 Recently, I registered with the GP across the road from my flat. I’ve lived there for a year. I had put off registering beforehand due to a severe allergy to bureaucracy.  Last year, I wanted to go see a specialist. I snored at my private healthcare provider’s response that I first needed to have a consultation with my doctor… Safe to say it never happened.… Read More

Here’s what the most expensive headphones in the world sound like


LAS VEGAS — It’s not every day that you get to try out a pair of $55,000 headphones, Sennheiser’s ultra-high-end “Orpheus” HE 1. But on Friday, I got to test an even more expensive pair: Onkyo’s $100,000 diamond-studded headphones — and I (almost) got to directly compare the two. 

Of course, other than the exorbitant price, there’s really no comparison: These two headphones are as different as they come. But that’s how my cards fell on Friday; a meeting with Onkyo was set up just before the meeting on Sennheiser, so I tried to make the most of it. 

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Alec Baldwin trolls Trump with Russian-language baseball cap


From Saturday Night Live to social media, Alec Baldwin has seemingly perfected the art of trolling Donald Trump.

Most recently, the actor posted a selfie to Instagram featuring a Russian-language “Make America Great Again” cap, a clear reference to the president-elect’s continued praise of Russian president Vladimir Putin as well as his skepticism that Russian hacking affected election results in November.

According to a translation provided to Mashable by Olga Massov, the hat literally says “Make America Cool Again” — but it’s obviously intended to be a mocking take on Trump’s famous “MAGA” slogan. Read more…

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