Try not to lick your screen when you see these delicious chocolate chip cookie recipes


Chocolate chip cookies are an absolute classic. They’re almost universally liked, and for good reason. They’re warm, they’re sweet, and they’re as fun to bake as they are to eat.

So to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most unique and enticing spins on this crowd-pleaser.

Get your oven mitts ready and prepare to make your own batch of bliss. Read more…

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Nintendo reportedly working on a ‘Zelda’ smartphone game


This just in from Captain Obvious: Nintendo’s Zelda series is headed for smartphones.

It’s still just a rumor for now, so there aren’t many details to share. But a mobile device leap for one of Nintendo’s most popular franchises — which also happens to be extra-hot right now thanks to Switch and Breath of the Wild — is a no-brainer.

The rumor comes via unnamed sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal. “People familiar with the matter” suggest that a mobile take on Animal Crossing will come first, later in 2017, and the Zelda game will follow, presumably before Nintendo’s fiscal 2017 ends on March 31, 2018. Read more…

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