Obama says clean energy’s momentum is ‘irreversible,’ even under Trump



Outgoing President Barack Obama sought to assure backers of clean energy that the world will continue to fight global warming — even if the next U.S. president denies that it’s happening.

The worldwide shift toward lower-carbon energy is “irreversible” and only gaining steam, Obama said in an article published Monday in the journal Science. 

President-elect Donald Trump has falsely claimed that “nobody really knows” if human activity is causing climate change and has vowed to accelerate U.S. production of fossil fuels, a policy that may undermine investments in renewable sources like solar and wind power. Read more…

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5 tough questions for Hyperloop One



LAS VEGAS — Hyperloop One’s 2016 was about as good as yours: Some good moments (even great ones) and some very, very bad ones.

The next-gen transportation company, which is building a unique people-mover platform based on a design by SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, had a milestone moment last spring. In the arid Las Vegas desert and with hundreds of parched journalists watching, it publicly tested the propulsion system for its planned tube-based transportation network that could cut hours-long travel between cities down to minutes. Hyperloop One estimates a trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco will take just 30 minutes. The test itself lasted just a few seconds, but Hyperloop One also spent the day proudly showcasing all the progress it was making on building the tubes and preparing for full-scale human transportation by 2021. Read more…

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