Kevin Durant, Rich Kleiman, Kirsten Green and Sebastian Thrun to talk shop at Disrupt SF

 What do Kevin Durant, Rich Kleiman, Kirsten Green, and Sebastian Thrun all have in common? Well, they’ll be at Disrupt SF (September 18-20) to tell their stories on stage, and we’re absolutely thrilled to have them join us for the biggest tech startup conference in all the land. We hope to see you at the conference, too, and general admission tickets are currently available with… Read More

Mayor of London’s plan for city transport aims for zero emissions by 2050

 London could be a lot more green by 2050 – Mayor Sadiq Khan has outlined a plan for transportation service (via Engadget) in the city that would make the whole system, including taxis, cars and buses, totally emission free by that year. Even though that’s over 30 years away, it’s still an incredibly ambitious plan that will require a lot of pieces to fall into place. Those… Read More