Teaching your mom to use VR is a perfect way to pass the time



Looking to settle her mother’s nerves, Megan Kelley writes that she and her siblings introduced mom to the terrifying world of virtual reality.

“After a month in the Intensive Care Unit, we finally got a call that our dad would be getting a double organ transplant,” Kelley wrote. “In the intense early morning hours prior to our dad being brought into surgery, we decided to help pass time and try to relax our mom….so we decided to put her on a rollercoaster ride.”

Doesn’t look like it relaxed her much. Hopefully she enjoyed the ride. 

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Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick talk sexting in Ellen’s ‘Never Have I Ever’



Poor Martha was just trying to play the game.

On Tuesday afternoon, Ellen DeGeneres was joined by Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick for an enlightening game of “Never Have I Ever.” 

All eyes turned to Martha, however, when the lifestyle mogul revealed she has a sexting past.

Watch the playful threesome get very candid above.

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‘The Goonies’ recut as a terrifying thriller



The 1985 classic hit is turned into a thriller for Halloween and we could not be more freaked out!

Trailer Mix is a biweekly series that reimagines your favorite film trailers as entirely different genres.

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The 7 scariest movie moments of all time



Although there are a lot of great horror movies being made these days, CineFix wanted to take a look at the very scariest moments in cinema history. 

What makes us jump out of our seats? Why do some horror-movie moments fall flat while others make our skin crawl and fill us with existential dread? Most importantly, do you agree that these are the seven creepiest, screamiest, squirmiest movie moments ever?

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Will Ferrell resurrects George W. Bush impression to call out Donald Trump and Billy Bush



There’s something that’s been missing from this year’s comedic election coverage. 

Kate McKinnon has played a great Hillary Clinton and Alec Baldwin has stepped up to the plate as a phenomenal Donald Trump, but Will Ferrell’s iconic portrayal of former president George “Dubya” Bush hasn’t seen the light of day this year—until now.

The comedian whipped out his Texan accent on @midnight with Chris Hardwick to talk about cousin Billy Bush who has been in the news lately.

“I’d just like to say something about my cousin Billy Bush,” Ferrell/Bush said. “He’s been in the news a lot lately, him and that disgraced pumpkin Donald Trump, talking on that bus. And I just want to say one thing.” Read more…

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