Emma Stone’s comments about the Hollywood pay gap give us mixed feelings


The gender pay gap is a real problem in Hollywood, and not even world-famous, Oscar-winning actresses are immune.

It’s such a top-down issue that Emma Stone has revealed her male co-stars have accepted pay cuts just to ensure she’d be compensated fairly.

Stone recounted her experiences with pay inequality in an interview with Out while promoting her new movie Battle of the Sexes, about the famous tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. 

Here’s Stone:

In the movie business — as in just about any business, where salary negotiations are done on an individual, blind basis — it’s refreshing that Stone was able to talk to her male co-star(s) about this sensitive topic in the first place. And that those co-stars were subsequently willing to sacrifice their own paychecks to ensure she’d get the same money is, indeed, noble.  Read more…

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Gentrification, summed up in One Perfect Tweet


Sometime a tweet just hits, distilling whole topics and ideas into 140-character perfection. Every Friday, we’ll be looking into the people and stories behind that One Perfect Tweet. This week: Gentrification.

The Run-Up:

A couple of weeks ago in June, Twitter user @humancomedian dropped it: One photo, one two-word caption, and a photo well-worth its thousand words, even though it only had seven in it:

Fuck Gentrification pic.twitter.com/eBnJuKsxem

— Rosa Esc@ndón (@humancomedian) June 21, 2017

It’s darkly hilarious. Emphasis on the dark, though: The visual touches a raw nerve—it’s easy to see a neighborhood store that should ostensibly be serving a surrounding community of EBT users, taking a stand (inadvertently, or not) about what portion of that community it cares about.  Read more…

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Ashton Kutcher’s LinkedIn page shows exactly why sexism persists in tech


Actor, venture capitalist, and Uber investor Ashton Kutcher is trying to start a “dialog” around gender inequality in tech. Unfortunately, he may be going about it exactly the wrong way. 

A post Thursday night on what appears to be Kutcher’s LinkedIn page (we have emails out to his venture firm and publicist to confirm) proposed some questions for an upcoming discussion about “gender equality in the work place and in tech in general.” The post says Kutcher plans to host a “live open dialog” on his Facebook page next week with fellow Sound Ventures partner Effie Epstein.

The end of the post asks, “Are these the right questions?” Spoiler alert: they’re not.  Read more…

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It appears that ‘US Weekly’ has accidentally encouraged cannibalism


US Weekly published a roundup of pricey beauty supplements on Friday. Unfortunately, they also encouraged putting human flesh in a blender and drinking it.

The outlet tweeted out the article with a still from the Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet, which stars Drew Barrymore as a California real estate agent who suddenly develops an insatiable craving for human flesh. (Barrymore is not mentioned in the article.)

Is the eighth editor-approved beauty boosting supplement … blood?

Image: Twitter/Us Weekly

Yes, OK, this could have been a troll. (Vulture editor Jackson McHenry also pointed this out on Twitter.) If so, it is a great troll — congratulations to the tweeter for having a truly delicious Friday.  Read more…

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Spoilers! ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 episode details revealed


Here’s a weekend treat for those of us who parsed every second of the Game of Thrones Season 7 trailers: HBO has revealed summaries of the first three episodes to screen later this month.

As is the nature of these TV Guide-style summaries, there isn’t a whole lot of information — but when it comes to Game of Thrones fandom, a drop can turn into a whole Narrow Sea.

For example, the first episode summary confirms that Daenerys Targaryen invades the island of Dragonstone, formerly owned by Stannis Baratheon — the “home” of the Targaryens for many centuries. Read more…

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