The internet is having none of this ice cream-cotton candy ‘burrito’


It’s an objective fact that burritos are insanely delicious. 

There are many delectable variations of the burrito and Canadian restaurant Sugar Sugar has put a sweet spin on the savory Mexican meal by turning it into a magical dessert.

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Although ice cream and cotton candy are enjoyable treats in their own right, many are skeptical about joining the two together.

That cotton candy and ice cream “burrito” is the reason god doesnt talk to us anymore

— Courtnaynay (@csanduhs) June 25, 2017 Read more…

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Humanity confuses its loyalties and builds a shrine for that drowned security robot


Hey, fellow humans, I thought we were all on the same page here?

When news broke that a security robot mall-copping its way through the Washington Harbour gave up and drowned itself, we all rightly celebrated the admittedly small victory for mankind. Because, ya know, if drones are going to take our jobs they should at least be miserably toiling their mechanical lives away. 

So why am I now finding out that you went and built this thing a shrine

To make matters worse, you named the bot Steve? Steve?!

This is the memorial for Steve the drowned security robot outside our office on his charging pad. The future is

— Oliver Griswold (@originalgriz) July 19, 2017 Read more…

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