The world’s smallest 4G phone has longer battery life than the iPhone 7


Sick of huge phones? Here’s one that’s quite the opposite.

Jelly, the so-called “world’s smallest 4G phone” according to Shanghai-based Unihertz, is absolutely tiny compared to phones like the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7. Don’t let its small 2.45-inch screen fool you, though, because it’s plenty powerful.

Available in white, blue or black, the phone has all the features of a full-sized Android smartphone and even runs Android 7.0 Nougat with access to most of the Google Play Store apps.

It’s got a 1.1 GHz processor, up to 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage (expandable up to 32GB via a microSD card), and two nano SIM cards. For cameras, the Jelly has a 2-megapixel front-facing camera and an 8-megapixel rear camera. Read more…

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This giant Verizon drone is designed to give you internet service after disasters


When you’re struggling to find a 4G LTE connection after a nasty storm in the future, you might be able to depend on some extra air support for coverage — at least if you’re on Verizon’s network.

The carrier announced it recently tested a drone-based “flying cell-site” system for expanded air network coverage in emergency situations when power grids are knocked out. It’s the second time Verizon has taken to the skies with LTE-enabled drones — last October, the company successfully tested the airborne system in different conditions.          

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Indian carriers fight over who has the fastest 4G internet


A lot is happening in India’s telecom space. While on one hand, country’s second and third largest telecom operators are joining hands to become the largest local carrier, two other major players are spending much of their time fighting over who has the fastest internet. 

And they are dragging a third-party company into their fight. 

Reliance Jio, a six-month-old telecom operator from India’s richest man, has accused Airtel, the country’s top telecom operator (for now) of misleading consumers by claiming to offer fastest 4G internet in the country. 

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Qualcomm targets low-end with its first LTE chip for feature phones


Qualcomm is having another go at making a dent in the affordable handsets market, and its latest bet is bringing 4G LTE capability to feature phones.

The chipmaker announced on Monday a new line of chips for entry-level phones.

The SoC (system-on-a-chip) line is called the Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform, and is the first time it’s bringing 4G LTE capability to feature phones, company executives said.

Although feature phones are quickly disappearing from developed markets, they are still very popular in developing regions such as India.  Read more…

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AT&T has a new prepaid unlimited data option — but it’s sloooooow


AT&T announced Friday it will offer an unlimited data option for its contract-free GoPhone users, so even more people have a shot at taking advantage of the unlimited data plan arms race between the major U.S. mobile carriers. Unfortunately for AT&T’s prepaid customers, however, the 4G service will be sloooow.

The plan offers GoPhone users “unlimited” data for $60 a month at a max speed of 3Mbps, with 480p video streaming at a max speed of 1.5Mbps. AT&T put the same cap on prepaid monthly data usage as its contract-based unlimited plan, slowing line access after 22GB “during periods of network congestion.” Read more…

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