Nvidia Shield TV gets a new, lower price ahead of Apple TV 4K launch

 Nvidia’s Shield TV, an Android TV-based device that’s currently the best option available for 4K streaming fans, is getting a price drop with a new package that leaves out the included video game controller. Bundled with just the remote, the 16GB Shield TV is now $179 – $20 cheaper than the Shield TV bundle that also includes the joypad, and in line with the pricing of the… Read More

Apple’s new Apple TV 4K is built to fuel its Hollywood ambitions


Apple just kicked off the next phase of its mission to dominate your TV viewing experience, and it’s called Apple TV 4K. 

Additional information revealed by leaked firmware late Monday indicated that the new version of Apple TV would offer 4K functionality, and it turns out that leak was accurate. 

The new device brings Apple’s OTT device up to competitive parity with other 4K players like Roku, Fire TV, and Google’s Chromecast. 

Hours before the Apple event kicked off, 9to5Mac posted a video, sourced from leaked firmware, that it claimed was the default screensaver (snowcapped mountains, see below), which show off the beauty and detail of Apple TV’s new 4K functionality. As rumored, the new Apple TV 4K uses the  A10X Fusion chip.  Read more…

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Why the rise of Iranian-Americans in tech is no surprise

 Longtime Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has put Iranian and Iranian-Americans in the spotlight. In part, that’s because the 48-year-old, just elected to become Uber’s new CEO, fled Iran with his family at age 9 to escape the Iranian Revolution. In part, his ties to other people of Iranian descent in the U.S. tech world are, well, extensive. As the Washington Post noted in an… Read More

Verizon’s Unlimited video throttling isn’t as bad as it sounds


Verizon’s decision to throttle virtually all video on its Unlimited mobile data plans is angering some, especially those who think it breaks some unwritten promise that Verizon would deliver the highest HD always to all unlimited customers because, well, “unlimited.”

It’s fair to equate “unlimited” plans with All You Can Eat restaurants, which offer an endless supply of food. But like those restaurants, there’s no guarantee of quality. You want filet minion? Then you should leave the all-you-can-eatery and head over to an exclusive restaurant for a single steak and a crumbly blue cheese salad. Read more…

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Sudden realization: The only way to play video games is with 16 4K monitors


Playing games in 4K is already pretty awesome, but playing games in 16K is a whole other world of awesome.

The YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips managed to rig up a 16K-resolution setup using a super-beefy computer and 16 4K-resolution monitors. The team tested it out on Minecraft, Tomb Raider, and Civilzation VI among other games. Some of the games ran great, but some games had a tough time loading quick enough to keep up with the insane graphics.

Minecraft and Civilization looked like they ran pretty well (except for the tiny HUD on Civ), so the tens of thousands of dollars you’d have to spend to replicate this setup is totally worth it, probably. Just don’t sit too close to the screens. Read more…

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