Angry Birds IPO expected to value parent Rovio at $1 billion

 Remember Angry Birds? Well, apparently enough people are still playing it to justify an IPO.
Rovio Entertainment, the Finnish parent of the popular smartphone game, is getting ready to go public on the Helsinki Nasdaq in two weeks. And it’s set the price range for an IPO that would value the company at about $1 billion, a lot less than the over $2 billion they were said to be hoping… Read More

With Star Wars Episode IX, J.J. Abrams will finally have to finish something he started


If you want a compelling opening act, J.J. Abrams is your guy.

The producer-director has given us some of the most memorable launches and reboots of the 21st century — Star Trek (2010) and Star Wars: The Fore Awakens (2015) on the big screen, Lost, Alias and Fringe on the small one. 

But one thing Abrams has not done is stick around or return for the more difficult job of closing the series and trilogies he started. Now, with news that he will take over the as-yet-untitled Star Wars Episode IX from fired director Colin Trevorrow, Hollywood’s most famous opener will finally be forced to become a good closer.  Read more…

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PewDiePie apologizes for using the N-word, but actions speak louder than words


Considering the multiple instances of racism in his videos and social media presence online, PewDiePie doesn’t get to absolve himself with a 1-minute and 36-second response video.

Popular YouTuber PewDiePie (a.k.a. Felix Kjellberg) posted a response video today apologizing for dropping the N-word during a live stream this past weekend, saying that what he did was idiotic and acknowledging some of his past controversies. To refresh your memory, those include him tweeting that he joined ISIS, ranting against a YouTube channel starring a 5-year-old, performing a Nazi salute, paying individuals to hold up a sign that read “Death to all Jews,” and flippantly telling white supremacists to “keep doing what you’re doing with your tiki torches.” Read more…

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