Sen. Schatz on FCC: ‘They have no idea how outraged people are about to be’

 FCC Chairman Ajit Pai stirred up the hive today with his official declaration of war on the net neutrality rules established in 2015. Reactions have been mixed — depending on whether the person represents the telecommunications industry or not. In the melee, I had a chance to talk with Senator Schatz (D-Hawaii) about the pronouncement. Read More

Luxe to end door-to-door valet service in San Francisco, will launch “new service” this summer

 Luxe, the company that promised to make parking in busy cities less awful with an app that summoned blue-jacketed valets to your location, seems to be moving away from its initial vision — at least in San Francisco. SF users began receiving emails like the one below this afternoon, promising “a new service” by summer of this year: We started Luxe four years ago to tackle… Read More