Refugees name their newborn baby ‘Justin Trudeau’ and it’s so cute


A Syrian family who arrived in Canada last February had an incredibly cute idea to thank Justin Trudeau for welcoming them to the country. 

Muhammad and Afraa Bilan arrived as refugees in Montreal with their daughter Naya, 4, and son Nael, 3, after fleeing from Damascus. 

Though Trudeau wasn’t there to greet them at the airport, the couple felt they had to pay homage to the man who helped them escape Syria through his refugee initiative. 

“We love this man, we appreciate him,” said Afraa Bilan. “He helped a lot of refugees. He’s the reason we are in Canada.” Read more…

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The sensational success of ‘Zelda,’ explained perfectly


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is good. Really good. Really really good. It’s pretty much a lock for Game of the Year in many corners of the industry.

But why is it so good? Scores of reviews have pondered that question. Many of them are excellent. But this straightforward breakdown from Turbo Button on YouTube nails it. He breaks down the essence of the Zelda series in such simple terms, then contrasts that foundation against the changes in Breath of the Wild.

Well done, sir. Definitely give this a watch if you’re loving Breath of the Wild as much as everyone else is. Read more…

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