Boosted issues battery recall for its second-generation board

boosted-board-2-recalled Customers who pre-ordered the new Boosted Board 2 will be disappointed to hear there’s been a recall for the new board’s battery. The Boosted Board 2 had a small general release along with units sent to personalities and publications; it’s those units that are affected. The most cumbersome process about a recall like this for myself and other riders is that Boosted is… Read More

4chan believes it has proof that Trump sex act claims are fake news


Users on the biggest pro-Donald Trump subreddit are sharing a 4chan post that they believe proves that unverified claims about Trump and a sex act are fake news.

An unverified intelligence dossier published by BuzzFeed contained allegations that Trump hired prostitutes to participate in a urine-based sex act in a Moscow Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

However, one anonymous 4chan user claims to have sent anti-Trump Republican strategist Rick Wilson fanfiction “about Trump making people piss on a bed Obama slept in.” Now 4chan users believe that this was the idea behind the scandal. And people on the sub-Reddit, r/The_Donald, believe this proves the sex act claims are fake. Read more…

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China’s explosive ‘Mad Max’ knockoff is streaming now


Can’t wait for the sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road? 

Don’t worry, an, um, homage to the movie was just released in China on Friday called Mad Shelia.

Available to stream on TenCent Video, it contains many of the thematic and aesthetic elements of George Miller’s Oscar-winning film, but with a fraction of the budget. But, hey, there are explosions! And a gold car! 

Hopefully the makers of the film, New Film Media, won’t get sued like the people behind The Autobotsa Cars ripoff that Disney didn’t appreciate. 

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