Nintendowned: Amazon sells out of the NES Classic Edition in (null) seconds

Nintendo Classic Edition We knew the NES Classic Edition, with its retro aesthetic and solid game selection, would be hard to get at first, but this is some next level, Tickle Me Elmo style demand. Amazon, which made its supply of the console available at 2PM Pacific today, sold out in what appeared to be less than a minute. Read More

AT&T downgrades video quality on mobile with ‘Stream Saver’

streamsaver AT&T just introduced a new “feature” much like T-Mobile’s Binge On that automatically throttles all video streams to a lower resolution and bandwidth unless you opt out of it. They call it Stream Saver, and yes, it applies to “unlimited” data plans. Read More

Signups for encrypted mail client ProtonMail double after election

surveillance-block The election of Donald Trump has lots of Americans worried about their privacy, and they’re turning to encrypted communication platforms to protect themselves. During an interview yesterday, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden encouraged those concerned about the ramifications of Trump at the helm of the NSA to use encryption — and it seems like people are listening.
ProtonMail, an… Read More