The truth behind your favourite hipster ‘craft’ brands


LONDON — Long ago are the days when you could easily identify the coolest and scrappiest start-ups.

You had an inkling that the guy with the tattoos and check shirt polishing his copper vats in a railway arch was making a product untrammelled by the compromises of big business. Words such as “craft”, and its crusty offspring, “artisan”, were bandied about with abandon to soothe your nagging doubts that, months earlier, you’d witnessed a drunkard urinating in that same, as-yet-unreclaimed arch.

The plummeting currency of those buzzwords is tacit admission that some of the gloss of craft branding has worn off. It also signals what we deep down suspected all along, and which UK culture minister Matthew Hancock proudly proclaimed in September, that “the hipster is a capitalist.”  Read more…

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