‘Snakes on a T-Mobile Cell Tower’ is the IRL horror movie nobody wanted


Here’s something you don’t want to see while working on a cell tower 125 ft. in the air: a big bundle of snakes just chillin’ on top of all the tower equipment.

Well, that’s just what happened to one unlucky T-Mobile engineer. 

A field engineer took this, 125ft up on a tower

Now make this a movie title. So far we got “Snakes on an Array” pic.twitter.com/pcYJWBMba8

— T-Mobile📱 (@TMobile) August 25, 2016

According to CNET, a T-Mobile field engineer climbed up the 38-meter pole to discover this giant mess. The engineer snapped a photo, like we all would do before probably falling to our deaths out of pure horror. T-Mobile later tweeted the photo with a request for its followers to come up with some movie titles based on this shitshow. They did not disappoint. Read more…

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A new Alexa skill will help you set the mood. Oh, and buy condoms.


Ever find yourself in an intimate moment and wish you had a hands-free way to add a little music to enhance the mood?

That’s what SKYN condoms wants to offer you with their new skill for Amazon’s Alexa. It’s called Set the Mood, and it’s got a variety of playlists perfect for your next sexy occasion. It’s not the only way to use your Echo to create a certain ambiance of course.

The company says they’re meant to “conceptualize the feeling of SKYN condoms in the form of curated playlists.” So if you’ve ever wanted to hear how a condom feels, now’s your chance. All you need to do is add the skill, and then you start by asking Alexa to “set the mood.” Read more…

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Smooth guy had the perfect Tinder line when he matched with a girl named Alexa


If only talking to girls was as easy as talking to your virtual assistant service! (Oh wait, isn’t that the plot of a Joaquin Phoenix movie?)

Virtual assistants have become the new way to get answers to all your life questions like “Where can I order Chinese at 1 a.m.?” or “Which actress is in that new reboot?” Obviously, one of the most popular female-voiced assistants is Amazon Echo’s Alexa, most probably to the hatred of all who share the same name.

So when Reddit user JackFlash1397 matched with an Alexa on Tinder, he took it as an opportunity to try out a very 2017 pickup line.  

Image: reddit user jackflash1397 Read more…

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