Apple iMac 27-inch 5K review: It sucks… you right in


“Apple doesn’t care about the Mac anymore” is the overarching narrative that’s been tossed around over the last few years.

There’s some truth to the sentiment, even if you’re a long-time Apple user and Mac supporter.

The MacBook’s still too underpowered, overpriced, and still only has a single USB-C port. The new MacBook Pros force you into dongle hell and if you get the Touch Bar model, it’s still not clear what value the OLED touch strip really brings or why anyone should pay extra for it. And let’s not even talk about why the MacBook Air hasn’t gotten any meaningful update in years.

Things aren’t better for Apple’s desktop Macs. The trash can-shaped Mac Pro was such an utter failure that Apple had to essentially admit it screwed up big time. It’s very clear Apple doesn’t care about the Mac mini (it hasn’t been updated in almost three years) and if not for a recent update to the iMac, you’d have thought Apple didn’t care about it either, since it was last updated nearly two years ago. Read more…

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