That app-controlled paper airplane just got an update and it’s pretty sweet

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Giant DIY bagel bite puts all the small ones to shame


One regular Bagel Bite isn’t enough, not even five are. But a giant one can reduce the cravings.

HellthyJunkFood, known for recreating popular fast food recipes, decided to make their own Bagel Bites including a huge one you might need two hands (or four) to hold. The fun size bites looked right out of the store-bought box, but the jumbo size bagel bite might just need a new name—and a bigger microwave.  Read more…

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Brownie edges are better than brownie middles and this pan proves it


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It’s time to stop giving so much attention to the pineapple on pizza controversy – the real issue is brownie edges vs. middles. If you’re a person who cuts the rectangle of edge pieces out of the pan and leaves the rest to the plebeians, we understand you. Edges are chewier, crispier, and obviously better.

Baker’s Edge has come up with a brownie pan just for you, edge lovers. The genius zigzag-shaped pan makes every inch of batter bake into a chewy edge piece. Because the pan is shaped in one continuous design, there is no end to the edge goodness. Read more…

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Jay-Z performs touching tribute to Chester Bennington, talks mental health awareness in new interview


Jay-Z has been opening up like never before with the release of his latest album, 4:44. 

Whether it’s discussing his marriage or his growing family, the rapper continues to get even more personal with an interview in the BBC Live Lounge on Friday. 

There, with host Clara Amfo, Jay talks about some serious topics—discussing everything from the lessons learned from the late Chester Bennington, to denouncing Donald Trump—oh, and he admits to watching that leaked Game of Thrones episode

“I really think that hopefully his death serves as a wake up call. Mental health is a real thing,” the rapper said about Bennington, in addition to performing his Link Park collaboration “Numb/Encore.”  Read more…

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