7 surprising facts about the ’80s vampire film ’The Lost Boys’


The Lost Boys is an ’80s cult classic, and with its 30th anniversary coming up, we decided to vamp out. 

It’s the 30th anniversary of ‘The Lost Boys’ and here’s 7 things you didn’t know

‘The Lost Boys’ celebrates its 30th anniversary and here’s some things you didn’t know about the ’80s classic

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A couple did an ’80s-themed photoshoot for their anniversary and it’s fabulously awkward


Tease up your hair and blast some Madonna, this couple is totally bringing back the ~chic~ styles of 1980s.

Steve and Danielle VanHorn, of Dover, Ohio, recently dressed up in their favorite throwback styles for a fantastically cheesy ’80s photoshoot. Photographer Vanessa Hoffmann perfectly captured the essence of the decade through the awkward poses and absurd backgrounds.

Image: giggle monster photography 

The couple decided to do the shoot for their 10th wedding anniversary, after looking through photos of their parents. The results show one timeless romance. 

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Leaking anonymously is hard. Here’s how to do it right, and not get caught.


So you’ve decided to become a leaker. 

Be it government corruption, corporate malfeasance, evidence of Russian hacking, or just some garden-variety, messed up shit someone wants to stay under wraps—a secret caught your eye, and you’ve decided it needs to be exposed. 

But how to do it without getting burned in the process?

In an age when practically every waking moment is captured, analyzed, and logged for posterity, leaking anonymously is far from a simple task. Just ask Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, or one of the many tech employees fired over the years for sharing internal company details with the press.  Read more…

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Those kids from the viral ’80s TV show are back to do their intro as adults


Did you identify as Catrina? Or did you feel like more of a Joe?

At the end of 2016, the intro of a ’80s TV show from the UK took the internet by storm. People became obsessed with the over-enthusiastic kids introducing themselves, the perky dance and the catchy tune. Parodies were made, memes were created. It was a great time.

Well, the Emu’s Pink Windmill (that’s the actual name of the show) kids are back as the adults they have matured into, and they know exactly what everyone wants: a reunited version of that intro. They do not disappoint. Read more…

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