HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer will all ship VR headsets for your PC starting at $299

windows-10-vr-headset-partners Microsoft is currently holding a press conference in New York. The company is focusing a lot on 3D and all sorts of realities, from augmented reality to virtual reality. As part of this big push, Microsoft announced that it is partnering with five different brands that will all ship VR headsets for the next Windows 10 update. Microsoft said that HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer are all working… Read More

Gaming features in Windows 10 Creator’s Update include native Beam streaming

img_9824 Game Broadcasting for Windows 10 is coming, which brings built-in game streaming to the platform at the OS level. The tech for this is built using Beam, the TechCrunch Battlefield company that Microsoft acquired earlier this year. The Game Broadcasting tools provided by Beam incorporates interaction options for spectators, including the ability to make suggestions. On stage at the Windows… Read More

Tinder brings “Swipe to Vote” worldwide, so everyone can have a say on Clinton vs Trump

swipethevote_flow-1 Undecided voter? Still? Really?? Well, if you continue to be unsure as to where you stand on some of the most critical issues facing American voters in the upcoming election – like gun control, immigration, climate change and more – Tinder wants to help. The dating app is rolling out a poll to users both here in the U.S. and abroad that lets you swipe on the issues in order to… Read More

This is Microsoft’s Paint 3D for the Windows 10 Creator’s Update

can_9793 Microsoft has just announced Paint 3D, an update to its long-standing art creation program for Windows that makes it easy to create 3D art for everyone, according to the company. This includes a new destination for sharing creations called Remix 3D. Included in the update is a way to export 3D creations directly from Minecraft, too, and 3D print them if you have a printer. The update also… Read More