Glacier National Park used to have 150 glaciers. There are only 26 left


You might want to move up any plans to visit Glacier National Park in Montana. 

New data shows that the park’s namesake rivers of ice are rapidly disappearing due to global warming. 

The warming climate has slashed the size of 39 Montana glaciers since 1966, according to data released by Portland State University and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) on May 10. Only 26 glaciers in the park are large enough to still have flowing ice.

The new data includes boundary information for 37 named glaciers within the boundaries of the national park, and two glaciers on U.S. Forest Service land.  Read more…

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GoPro captures skier’s intense 60-foot fall down into a crevasse


Just before hitting the slope in the Swiss Alps, skier Jamie Mullner tells his buddies that the crevasses at the bottom of the hill always sketch him out. 

That should have been a warning sign because guess what? Right after saying that, he fell 60 feet down into a crevasse.

“I’m in a crevasse. I had the GoPro recording, how epic is that?” he said immediately after the fall.

Thankfully, Mullner wasn’t injured from the fall, and he had a radio, which made rescue a lot easier. Eventually, a rope was tossed down to Mullner and he was able to escape the crevasse unscathed.  Read more…

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White House refuses to deny Trump has recording devices and this is nothing like Nixon, not at all

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Dear Star Wars fans naming your sons Kylo: Why?


It’s enough to make you wonder how many people actually understood the very basic plot of The Force Awakens

According to the U.S. Social Security Administration’s annual list of baby names released Friday, the name “Kylo” exploded in popularity in 2016. Which suggests a surprising number of fathers would like to end their lives being stabbed through the chest by their estranged emo sons. 

Kylo was the 3,269th most popular baby name for boys in 2015, the SSA says — but in 2016 it shot up to number 901, making it the fastest rising boy’s name on the chart. Read more…

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