Uber details early steps to change culture, and ongoing COO search

 Uber held a special press call on Tuesday, hosted by board member Arianna Huffington and staffed with three of its highest ranking female staff, including North American operations lead Rachel Holt, Chief HR officer Liane Hornsey, and company comms lead Rachel Whetstone. The call was pretty clearly an attempt to counter message some of the negative press Uber has faced, specifically around… Read More

Ransomware completely shuts down Ohio town government

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12/11/2009 , 4:28:00 PM In another interesting example of what happens when you don’t manage your backups correctly the Licking County government offices, including the police force, have been shut down by ransomeware. Although details are sparse, it’s clear that someone in the office caught a bug in a phishing scam or by downloading it and now their servers are locked up. Wrote Kent Mallett of the… Read More