Twitter no longer recommends Trump’s profile when you search ‘asshole’


Twitter users have been noticing for the past few days that if you search words like “asshole,” racist,” “tiny hands” and “douchebag,” it will bring up a bunch of results, along with President Donald Trump’s profile.

Now, it appears that Twitter is actually censoring those results to exclude President Trump.

Mashable first reported the search result findings on Monday, but after widespread media attention, searching “racist,” “asshole,” and “douchebag” will no longer bring you to Trump’s profile, though it will probably bring you to plenty of tweets about Trump including those words. Read more…

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Seth Meyers tackles Trump’s claims about widespread, nonexistent voter fraud


Seth Meyers is back to break it all down for us.

In another marvelous edition of “A Closer Look,” the Late Night host dives into concerns over Donald Trump’s behavior during his first week in office, and the president’s unfounded claims about 3-5 million illegal votes costing him the popular vote.

Find out why Trump’s aides might just be sitting the POTUS down for an episode of Dora The Explorer above.

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Half of Americans think their cybersecurity is worse than 5 years ago


Amid high-profile political cyberattacks, Americans are losing confidence in their own cybersecurity. 

Just under half of Americans — 49 percent — think their personal information is less secure than it was five years ago, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center. 

They’re only slightly more optimistic about the government’s abilities. Twenty-eight percent of Americans are “not confident at all” that the federal government can keep their personal information safe. And when the Democratic National Committee is hacked by Russia and Yahoo says 1 billion of its users were affected by a hack, who can blame them?  Read more…

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‘The Avengers Project’ means one thing: Marvel. Video. Games!


A video game based on Marvel’s Avengers super-team is finally happening. More than one, in fact.

Details are very slim, so bear with us. Marvel’s Twitter feed announced “The Avengers Project” with a cinematic trailer. The video’s YouTube description confirms that this is a “multi-year, multi-game partnership” with publisher Square Enix.

It sounds like the first game from this partnership — and presumably the one teased in the trailer — is in the hands of Square Enix developer Crystal Dynamics. If that name is familiar, it’s because this is the studio behind the modern face of the Tomb Raider series. Read more…

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