Harry Potter’s childhood home can now be yours — for a price



LONDON — Ever wished you could be part of the magical realm of Harry Potter? 

Now, you can. Kind of.

After some extensive renovations since we first saw it on the big screen in 2001, the house that was used to depict the home of the determinedly unpleasant Dursley family is now on the market for a mere £475,000 ($619,425). 

In the films, the home of Harry’s maternal family is famously located at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whingeing, Surrey, but in real life, the house can be found at 12 Picket Post Close in Martins Heron, Bracknell.  Read more…

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Metropolitan melodies: The audiophile’s guide to New York City



The Big Apple isn’t without its own soundtrack: The hum of millions in motion, the clap of dress shoes and high-heels on sidewalks, staccato beeps of car horns and the occasional jazzy melody of a street performance.    

But are these sounds enough to preserve the beauty of the New York experience in your mind? Can a stray cab horn or a fire engine siren truly transport you back to summer day on Park Ave., or are we all doomed to dim recollections of the greatest city on Earth?   

It’s no secret that sounds play a role in our memory of events and places, but in 2011, a study at the Academy of Finland took it a step further, concluding that listening to music can heighten brain activity, leading to enhanced recall. That means, adding some mellifluous context to your next New York adventure could help you create more detailed and vivid memories.     Read more…

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