Confirmed: You can light your Nintendo Switch on fire (but it’s a bad idea)


The Switch isn’t like other Nintendo hardware. The bulk of the console is effectively a tablet, which is a more fragile breed of hardware than the company has generally released in the past. I noted in our review that it feels like a toy in your hands, but a question remains: is it durable?

YouTuber JerryRigEverything attempted to answer that question, putting the hurt on a Switch so you don’t have to. And as it turns out: it’s a hardy device!

While the all-plastic body — and the touch screen in particular — is prone to cosmetic scratches, the hardware itself is very difficult to break. And even when it does start to fall apart in the video above, the machine itself is still functional. Read more…

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‘Kong: Skull Island’ gets visually retro in the new blockbuster


It may only be March, but we are definitely in the summer movie season with Kong: Skull Island hitting theaters next week! Let us know in the comments if you’re planning to see it, and if you are, make sure you stay until the end for a post-credits scene!

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