Snap acquires drone company, may put eyes in the skies


All the pieces of Snap’s grand plan are coming together, the latest of which appears to be putting its camera technology atop drones. 

At least that’s the obvious conclusion based on Snap’s acquisition of Ctrl Me Robotics for “under $1 million,” a deal that was first reported by Buzzfeed on Friday. Snap has not commented on the deal or the acquisition price.  

Although the report calls the Venice Beach-based company a drone manufacturer, a subsequent report from Variety indicates that Ctrl Me Robotics’ true expertise is customizing existing drones to be able to carry cameras rather than specializing in producing drones. Additionally, the Variety report claims that the deal actually occurred late last year.  Read more…

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Will the tech acquisition spree continue?

 The year was off to a good start for technology acquisitions, according to data provided by PwC. There were 486 U.S. tech deals announced in the first quarter totaling $42.8 billion. In terms of both number of deals and value of deals, it was the best start of the year for U.S. tech M&A since 2014. There were 28% more deals than the same period last year, although the total was just 2%… Read More

A conversation about tech M&A trends and Trump

robot handshake Some very big brands outside the tech space have been stepping in to acquire technology companies as the pressure to keep up with consumer-powered digital trends touches more industries. Add in a deregulating President Trump and the mercury could keep rising for tech company valuations this year, suggests John Stiffler, senior M&A director at business and technology consulting firm West… Read More

Verizon is reportedly thinking about exiting Yahoo deal


Is it Groundhog Day? Verizon is once again reconsidering an acquisition of Yahoo, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

The news, cited from one anonymous source familiar with the situation, comes a day after Yahoo reported a massive hack affecting more than one billion of the site’s users. Verizon agreed back in July to acquire Yahoo’s core business for $4.83 billion, but the deal has yet to close. 

According to Bloomberg, Verizon is considering a price cut or completely nixing the deal. A team led by Verizon General Counsel Craig Silliman is looking into the legal ramifications of the deal if Verizon does indeed acquire the company’s assets.  Read more…

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Here’s what will change now that Microsoft owns LinkedIn


Microsoft and LinkedIn are officially connected. 

The software giant and the professional social network closed the $26.2 billion acquisition that was agreed on in June, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced Thursday along with a list of immediate changes. 

Nadella wrote that the mission is to “accelerate” LinkedIn’s growth. Currently, the site receives more than 100 million visitors per month. 

Almost no matter what you use Microsoft for, get ready to see more from LinkedIn. The changes will bring together LinkedIn’s content and network with Microsoft’s productivity tools.  Read more…

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