‘True Blood’ star Stephen Moyer reveals how Nelsan Ellis touched the cast with acting excellence


The outpouring of love and professional respect for True Blood actor Nelsan Ellis, who died on Saturday, has been overwhelming. 

But aside from the social media well wishes from his co-stars and fellow film and TV actors, one message stands out, and it’s from none other than Ellis’ True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, aka the vampire Bill Compton

Posted to Moyer’s Facebook page on Sunday morning, the long message isn’t simply a letter to a dear departed friend, it’s the best example yet of just how much Ellis’ colleagues respected his acting skill. Describing an iconic scene from the series set in the town’s diner, Moyer remembers the hold Ellis had on the other cast members and crew.  Read more…

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Chris Pratt falling in love with a bacon sandwich will give you the feels


Chris Pratt is truly a diverse actor. He’s got comedy down, he’s proved himself to be a first-class action star, and he has a flare for the dramatic.

In the video above, Pratt proves his range with an off the cuff improv starring opposite a bacon sandwich. During a BBC 1 Radio interview, Pratt acts out a love scene with the sandwich. The love in that room is genuinely tangible… until he murders his beloved sandwich in cold blood. 

Pratt’s interaction with the sandwich coupled with the ridiculously dramatic music will truly make you feel something — including hunger. Read more…

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Kal Penn shares cringeworthy audition scripts from his early days as an actor


Minorities in Hollywood: You’ve come a long way, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Actor Kal Penn found some of his old audition scripts, and the snippets he shared of accented or stereotypical South Asian roles would not survive today’s scrutiny. Or at least would get the social media flogging they deserve.

The entertainment industry still has a lot to fix when it comes to minority representation (ahem, Ghost in the Shell), but Penn’s tweets show that things have — somewhat — improved.

Penn’s thread started with a call for actors that included snake charmers, fire eaters and a “Gandhi lookalike.” (At least they spelled Gandhi right?) Read more…

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