More than 50 activist organizations join forces to take down the Trump agenda


More than 50 social justice organizations are coming together to be President Donald Trump’s worst nightmare. 

The new cross-movement coalition, called The Majority, has formed to resist the Trump agenda — and it features a class of notable organizations dedicated to “justice, freedom, and the right to live with dignity and respect.”

The Movement for Black Lives is leading the coalition, and many of the participating organizations work with at-risk communities, including black, Latinx, Indigenous, low-income, and LGBTQ people. Black Lives Matter,, Indigenous Environmental Network, Dream Defenders, Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, and Fight for $15 are all involved, representing a wide array of issues and identities impacted by the Trump administration’s political agenda and harmful rhetoric. Read more…

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Sweden’s deputy PM is trolling Trump so hard with this picture


The internet has exploded with memes mocking Donald Trump for signing bills and controversial executive orders, but in Sweden they’ve found a different way to make a point.

Over there, politicians have released a very similar photo with one significant difference. 

Swedish deputy prime minister and climate minister Isabella Lovin posted a photo of her signing a climate change bill to her social media accounts Friday. Behind her stood a row of women, one of whom is even noticeably pregnant.

If it looks familiar it’s because Trump blasted out a very similar looking photo last month. But instead of enacting progressive, forward-thinking legislation, he was signing into effect the global gag order — with a gaggle of older, white men behind him. Read more…

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4 positive ways to take action after Trump’s victory


After Donald Trump’s election, many are feeling hopeless and helpless as they grapple with the reality of having a leader who has consistently championed regressive ideals that threaten social progress.

In the face of Trump’s impending leadership, coming together to stand for equality and justice is essential for anyone who’s passionate about social change. But it can be hard to know where to start.

Consider these tactics a jumping-off point for social action after the election. Here are four positive things you can do to enact real change as we reckon with the reality of Trump’s America. Read more…

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Activist wears month’s worth of trash to visualize our wasteful habits


Ever wonder how much trash you accumulate in a month?

Rob Greenfield, an adventurer and activist in New York City, is on a mission to show you. 

In a specially made suit, Greenfield will be wearing every piece of trash he creates for 30 days while living like the average American, creating around 4.5 pounds of trash per day.

“We live in an era when it’s so easy to have no idea of how any of our daily actions impact our community…or the earth as a whole,” he told Mashable in an email.

His project, titled “Trash Me,” hopes to challenge the, “out of sight out of mind mentality,” and provide people with a visual understanding of how much garbage we create, especially on an individual level. Read more…

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