10 trans and gender-nonconforming youth activists of color changing the world


It’s a saying we’ve all heard many times over: young people are the future. But they’re doing amazing things right now that deserve to be recognized and celebrated, too.

That’s especially true for transgender and gender-nonconforming youth activists of color. The LGBTQ community is often critiqued for leaving transgender people and people of color behind, and young people existing at the intersection of these identities are especially vulnerable to having their voices, perspectives, and needs overlooked.

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A badass clothing line for your woke kids is finally here


A new line of onesies and children’s t-shirts is starting kids out on their activist journey at a young age.  

Little Activists, which launched its first collection in January, is using clothing to help children engage with modern social issues, like environmental protection, LGBTQ rights, and anti-bullying. The shirts feature cheeky, kid-friendly messages that put equality and progress in the spotlight.

One shirt, for instance, says, “I root for trees.” Another has the message “Eracism” to fight racial bias and discrimination. The goal through all the shirts, the creators say, is to encourage kids to be accepting, inclusive, thoughtful, and kind.  Read more…

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Activists are using fax machines to send clever protest art to lawmakers


The fax machine isn’t dead. In fact, it’s the latest tool of the resistance. 

A new campaign called Artifax is encouraging artists, designers, and activists to get the attention of lawmakers by faxing protest art to congressional offices. The goal is to boldly and vocally demand support for national arts funding.

The Artifax slogan is simple: “Protect the arts. Fax Congress.”

Artists can donate work to Artifax that embodies “freedom of expression.” Any supporter can then use an online form to choose their favorite art, personalize the fax with a message about the importance of arts funding, and select their local lawmaker. Once they submit the form, Artifax will send the fax to that lawmaker, encouraging them to vote against proposed cuts. Read more…

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