‘True Blood’ star Stephen Moyer reveals how Nelsan Ellis touched the cast with acting excellence


The outpouring of love and professional respect for True Blood actor Nelsan Ellis, who died on Saturday, has been overwhelming. 

But aside from the social media well wishes from his co-stars and fellow film and TV actors, one message stands out, and it’s from none other than Ellis’ True Blood co-star Stephen Moyer, aka the vampire Bill Compton

Posted to Moyer’s Facebook page on Sunday morning, the long message isn’t simply a letter to a dear departed friend, it’s the best example yet of just how much Ellis’ colleagues respected his acting skill. Describing an iconic scene from the series set in the town’s diner, Moyer remembers the hold Ellis had on the other cast members and crew.  Read more…

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Drake Bell is very upset he wasn’t invited to Josh Peck’s wedding


A beautiful day of romance turned into a bromance nightmare this weekend. 

Josh Peck, of Drake and Josh fame, got married over the weekend and declined to invite Drake Bell, the Drake in Drake and Josh. Bell was not pleased, as he made clear in a series of now deleted  tweets.

“When you’re not invited to the wedding the message is clear….” he tweeted, following it up by saying, “True colors have come out today. Message is loud and clear. Ties are officially cut. I’ll miss ya brotha.”

He also subtweeted, “Loyalty is key… ALWAYS remember where you came from.” Read more…

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Adam West, everyone’s favorite Batman, dead at 88


Holy epic career, Batman!

If you haven’t already heard, the iconic face and voice of the ’60s version of Batman, Adam West, has died at 88 years old. 

The actor died in Los Angeles on Friday following complications related to leukemia, according to a report from Variety

West wasn’t the very first actor to play Batman in a live action film, but he was definitely the most iconic before the new army of Batman actors began taking the role up again beginning in the late ’80s. 

Playing the role with equal parts dramatic flair and understated satire, West made running around Gotham City in ridiculous tights with his sidekick Robin somehow look reasonable.  Read more…

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Trump had paid actors at his first presidential campaign speech



If you haven’t heard, President Donald Trump is a bit obsessed with crowd size. 

He and his press secretary have insisted that the audience for his inauguration was much larger than what the pictures and data indicate. He also talked constantly about how big the crowds were at his campaign rallies, where facts were more on his side.

But before those campaign rallies became raucous events across the country, Trump gave a rambling introduction to his campaign at Trump Tower in New York City, all the way back in June of 2015. There, according to documents released late last week, the future president’s audience included paid actors. Read more…

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‘Stranger Things’ star speaks up about having cleidocranial dysplasia



Gaten Matarazzo is raising awareness about his genetic condition, cleidocranial dysplasia,  which impacts the growth of teeth and bones. The actor, who won the hearts of pretty much everyone with his performance as Dustin in Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things, explained that he wants to show that it’s not something people should have to hide. Read more…

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