Actress is forced to back out of job due to freak fidget spinner accident


It’s all fun and games until someone is injured and out of work.

If you haven’t heard of the fidget spinner, you’ve been living under a rock. It’s the latest craze among the youths.

An Irish actress named Ayoola Smart took to her Instagram to share a picture of herself laid up in bed along with a message about her freak fidget spinner injury.

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Smart wrote, “LIFE has a funny way of happening to you. Today I very unwilling had to pull out of the play #Futureproof due to a freak accident involving a #fidgetspinner and a small child.” Read more…

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HELP I read Pamela Anderson’s blog about her bae Julian Assange and now I need CPR


Actress Pamela Anderson and super shady WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are A Thing. 

If this paring is news to you, rest assured this is no prank, but a mystery the universe has been unraveling before our eyes for some time now. 

And now, the ’90s bombshell has opened up about her love for Assange in sprawling blog post about Sweden, H&M, the book she’s writing, sexism, PETA and sensuality (“a sexy kindness”). She loves sensuality! For further reading on the subject, check out her October 2016 blog post, “A Sensual Vote.”

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Awkwafina talks shit about Jeff Sessions and ‘healthy’ chips


Over the course of our conversation, Awkwafina will call Jeff Sessions a “cunt” six times with mounting glee, “Jeff Sessions is a cunt!,” she squeals. “It’s so fun!” 

The rapper and comedian turned movie star is discussing the new season of her web series, Tawk, which regularly features the people you might not know yet who will be, “running the industry.”  SNL‘s Pete Davidson and adult entertainer Asa Akira are among the standout episodes. Her favorite people to feature are writers like Akila Hughes and anyone typically “unseen.” Awkafina (born Nora Lum) would really love to have the Attorney General on the show, though, “to ask him why he’s a cunt.” Read more…

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