So, there’s now a campaign to send Sean Spicer Dippin’ Dots


Everyone now knows Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer doesn’t like Dippin’ Dots, the so-called “ice cream of the future” that’s a mainstay of humdrum visits to theme parks, county fairs and malls around the U.S.

So it’s left detractors an opportunity to strike, by sending Spicer as many of the spherical, flash-frozen treats as humanly possible.

A website called has been created with the sole purpose of collecting donations to send “truckloads” of the product to Spicer.

Andrew Cafourek and Nick Trusty, who run a web development business called A022, created the site to signal their displeasure at the new administration. Read more…

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How Indigenous voices are using social media to #ChangeTheDate


If you’ve been on Australian social media lately, you may have seen a message: #ChangeTheDate.

Jan. 26, 1788 was the first official day of European colonialism in Australia. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, it marks the beginning of a cycle of dispossession and violence.

“Australia Day” has been celebrated across the country on Jan. 26 only since 1994, and Indigenous Australians have been fighting to have the date changed for much longer than that. More recently, the movement has been coming together online under the hashtag, #ChangeTheDate.

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