‘Stranger Things’ Comic-Con panel misspells star’s name because one job is too many


You had one job, person whose job it was to make Patton Oswalt’s name card for the Stranger Things panel at Comic-Con.

Well, maybe you had several other jobs and it was all very exciting and you were really distracted and the publicist emailed it to you wrong. 


One job.

Or maybe this is Oswalt’s upside-down doppelgänger?

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Ryan Gosling watches a clip from the old ‘Blade Runner’ in a clip from the new ‘Blade Runner’


Here’s one way in which the world of Blade Runner 2049 differs from our own: In that universe, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner doesn’t exist.

Which sounds obvious, yes, but it means that we get to watch Ryan Gosling discover the events of Blade Runner for the very first time in 2049. Hopefully, he’s a fan. 

Blade Runner 2049 picks up decades after the original Blade Runner. Some things have changed. Others haven’t. 

A timeline shown at Comic-Con revealed that in 2020 (one year after the events of Blade Runner), the Tyrell Corporation rushed a new line of Nexus 8 models into the marketplace. “In an attempt to keep the company viable, they had extended lifespans,” explained a voiceover.  Read more…

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‘Krypton’ isn’t just a Superman prequel – it’s got more DC characters than ‘Justice League’


SAN DIEGO — If you thought Krypton was just going to be a poor man’s Gotham, think again. 

The Syfy show, slated for 2018, has thus far been pitched as a prequel set on Superman’s homeworld following the Man of Steel’s grandfather, Seg-El, played by British newcomer Cameron Coffe, as a young man. 

But as DC Comics president Geoff Johns revealed at Comic-Con Saturday, the show has a whole raft of DC characters in it — because it’s also a time-traveling extravaganza.

“You’ll see a lot of DC characters in this,” Johns told a capacity crowd. “It’s about a conspiracy from the present that’s trying to stop Superman from ever being born.” Read more…

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‘Aquaman’ makes a big splash at Comic-Con’s Hall H


Based on the latest Justice League trailer, it sure looks like Aquaman could be the scene-stealing breakout – and the good news is that his newfound fans won’t have to wait too much longer to see him fly solo. Swim solo, rather.

At Comic-Con today, Warner Bros. shared a little sneak peek at the first footage from Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa and directed by James Wan. And it looks… pretty cool, actually.

The scene opens on a sleepy, little fishing trip. Two old men are in a tiny little boat, lazily throwing their lines into the water. Then one of them catches something – something so big that it drags the entire boat with it. Eventually, the man lets go of his pole rather than get dragged into the water. He peers down into the ocean and gasps at what we see. Read more…

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Warner Bros.’ finally, formally, officially, 100%-for-sure announces the ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel


Wonder Woman has to wait 76 years to get her first solo film, but the wait for her next solo film, thankfully, will be much, much shorter.

Warner Bros. officially announced at Comic-Con on Saturday that the Amazonian princess will be back for Wonder Woman II – and, yes, that seems to be the official title, based on the logo we saw in the room.

The news that we’re getting a Wonder Woman II isn’t a surprise. That was a given as soon as the box office numbers started rolling in. Still, we’re not about to turn up our noses at a formal, official, 100%-definitely-for-real-no-backsies announcement. Read more…

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