BNP Paribas acquires Compte Nickel

 French fintech startup Compte Nickel was acquired by French bank BNP Paribas yesterday. I couldn’t nail down the price but I’ve heard that it was quite significant. Compte Nickel was one of the leading fintech startups in France. You can open the equivalent of a current bank account in thousands of tobacco shops in just a few minutes. Compte Nickel gives you an IBAN and a… Read More

SeedLegals’ automation aims to replace lawyers in startup funding rounds

 With AI and machine learning breathing down the neck of the vast quantities of dull contract checking which currently goes on in many law firms, its no wonder startups are training their guns on this sector.
Legaltech is, naturally, driving down the cost of legal work and new wave of these startups range from the ‘Uber of Lawyers’ (Lexoo, Linkilaw, Lawbite) that create a lawyer… Read More

U2’s Edge invests in Coras’s ‘event ticketing under one API’ in €1.9m fund raise

 In the ticketing world you have and for hotels, CarTrawler for car hire and Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport for airlines. All of these have a similar business model called open distribution. But event ticketing platforms are only just beginning to realise that this is the direction in which they should head. One of the reasons secondary ticketing is so rampant (around $10bn… Read More

Oval combines tracking, saving and investing into one app, driven by AI… and you

 There are several apps on the market that help you track your spending (Parity), save money (Pennies), or invest (Moneybox) using basic machine learning. Now an ambitious startup wants to do all three. Based out of London, new startup Oval (Apple, Android) will combine expense tracking, saving, and investing into one app, while also adding a social element by enabling its community of users… Read More

There’s a new buyer on the security tech block with Armor’s $89 million new round

 Security technology services provider Armor is getting ready to do some shopping for new technology thanks to $89 million in fresh funding. The company, which was majority owned by the private equity firm The Stephens Group, now counts SST Telemedia, a large telecommunications investor, as a co-owner. The Dallas-based company counts 1,200 customers using its managed internet security services… Read More