Even the pope has a Super Bowl spot



The Super Bowl isn’t just the height of sport, it’s also the height of branding. Now, it looks like the pope is getting in on the action.

The pontiff stars in a 50-second spot that will be shown to tens of thousands of fans in Houston’s NRG Stadium early in the game. Instead of shilling terrible food or a fizzy beverage, His Holiness details how the marquee event for a league plagued by traumatic brain injuries and domestic violence is a nice metaphor for a peaceful world. 

The pope also talked — unironically — about how nice sports are because it helps us learn to follow the rules, which we can only assume is a subtle troll of the notorious spy-gating, ball-deflating New England Patriots.  Read more…

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Elon Musk throws subtle shade at Trump over travel ban



Elon Musk took a subtle swipe at Donald Trump on Twitter after the president criticized the U.S. justice system.

On Sunday, the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX praised America’s judicial arm — a day after Trump tweeted angrily about a federal judge’s decision to block a travel ban on citizens of seven mainly Muslim countries.

Musk, who sits on Trump’s economic advisory council, has attempted to position himself as a moderate voice in the president’s ear — someone who can help influence the White House without condoning its most controversial actions. Read more…

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