‘Zombie drug’ behind mass overdose in party town still not confirmed



Heathcote footballer Riki Stephens, 27, is in critical condition after taking an unknown substance while holidaying in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, Australia, last Saturday. He was one of 16 people rushed to hospital from the area on the same night — after taking what’s being called a “zombie drug” by local media.

But police are reportedly downplaying suggestions that the drug “flakka” is sweeping the popular party spot, which around 30,000 high school graduates flock to annually for “schoolies” celebrations — the Australian equivalent of spring break. 

A Queensland Ambulance Services (QAS) spokesperson said the mass overdose that left two people (including Stephens) in an induced coma, had effects similar to the infamous drug also known as “Gravel,” but that test results are still pending. Read more…

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