Why Meghan Markle is so much more than just ‘Prince Harry’s girlfriend’



LONDON — On Tuesday morning, Kensington Palace issued a statement confirming that Prince Harry is in a relationship with the American actress Meghan Markle.

Despite the swirl of rumours and media attention that has surrounded Markle over the past couple of weeks, the headlines of many stories simply refer to her as “Prince’s Harry’s new girlfriend.”

But who, exactly, is Meghan Markle?

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Hillary Clinton’s mannequin challenge is here with an important message



Don’t stand still, vote today. 

This is the slogan of Hillary Clinton’s take on the mannequin challenge, filmed entirely on her campaign plane and featuring pizza boxes, video reporters, high-fives, more reporters, campaign managers, John Podesta, Bill and Hillary and even Jon Bon Jovi.

The challenge is a social media trend compelling people to go to great lengths to show off what’s possible when you (pretend to) freeze time. 

Clinton is depicted smiling at the end of the video while Jon Bon Jovi holds his trademark guitar next to her.  Read more…

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The guy who started the bathroom controversy may have a tough time getting re-elected



Gov. Pat McCrory ignited a boycott of North Carolina by sports teams, public figures and entertainers after he signed the “Bathroom Bill” in March.  Read more…

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Trump accuses tiny Singapore of stealing U.S. jobs, immediately gets trolled



During his rally speech in Florida on Sunday, republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pointed at the usual job-thieving suspects that are stealing work from America — China, India and Singapore.

Wait, tiny Singapore? Manufacturing hotbeds like China and India are typical targets for Trump’s anti-offshore rhetoric, but it’s not every day that Singapore’s small and fairly expensive workforce gets pulled into the fray.

It seems U.S. firm Baxter Healthcare is to blame. Trump said the firm laid off 199 workers and moved those jobs to Singapore. “It’s getting worse and worse and worse,” he said. Read more…

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Why Sirius Black has a bigger role in the ‘Harry Potter’ books than the movies



While the sheer length of the fourth and fifth Harry Potter books may have delighted wizarding fans who wanted more time in the magical world, the action-packed stories posed a serious challenge for filmmakers. To keep the movies to a reasonable length, some details (and characters) had to be cut. 

While you may have noticed the big ones — Sirius’ lack of screen time, or what seems like one year’s worth of classes transformed into a quick montage — there may be crucial changes you missed.  

Our CineFix series What’s The Difference takes you step-by-step and page-by-page through all the differences between your favorite movies and shows. Adaptations are a tricky game and something always gets changed, added or omitted in the process.  Read more…

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