Poor raccoon is absolutely terrified of fireworks


The Fourth of July weekend wasn’t a time of celebration for everybody. 

Redditor Kentkirk uploaded this photo on Wednesday of an adorable raccoon seeking shelter from all the firework festivities.

The cutie found a safe space on Kentkirk’s front porch behind a large stone block.

Redditors noted that it looks like the little raccoon is about to set up shop.

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Puppy meets a bunch of goats and melts hearts around the world


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Kindergarteners take photos of each other at graduation and yes, we need a tissue


Forget horrible high school and college graduations: kindergarten graduation is where the *real* party’s at.

On Friday, Twitter user @oneliddoflacka posted this photo of her sister at kindergarten graduation. Her sister was caught taking photos of her fellow kindergarten “boyfriend.”

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The two couldn’t be prouder of one another.

My sister graduated from Kindergarten today, she’s been talking about this little boy all year. Guess that’s her boyfriend 😂🙄💕 pic.twitter.com/X6PSd2SMjs

— cutegirlgee (@oneliddoflacka) May 25, 2017

Image: oneliddoflacka

Image: oneliddoflacka

@Oneliddoflacka later clarified to Mashable that the two aren’t technically boyfriend and girlfriend, they just like each other. Read more…

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