Parody video shows exactly how Spotify records its annoying ads


Thanks to the rise of streaming music services like Spotify, you can listen to almost any song, free of charge. 

The downside is that just as you’re really feeling it, your playlist or album will be interrupted with the worst, loudest, most annoying ad you’ve ever heard in your life. 

Check out this very real behind-the-scenes video from YouTuber Gus Johnson, which shows exactly how Spotify records those god-awful ads. 

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Ads that portray the stereotype of men being bad at housework will be banned


Adverts that perpetuate gender stereotypes — including men failing to undertake simple household tasks — are to be banned under new regulations proposed by industry watchdog the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).

The new regulations put forth by the ASA will crack down on ads that portray activities as specific to one particular gender and ads that mock people for not conforming to gender stereotypes. The new measures intend to address the “potential for harm or offence” arising from gender stereotyping in ads. 

The report says “new standards are not intended to ban all forms of gender stereotypes” and that it would be “inappropriate and unrealistic” to prevent ads from depicting a woman cleaning or a man doing DIY. But, the standard would apply to ads featuring “problematic” stereotyping that “can potentially cause harm.”  Read more…

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Google bans its ads on sites that use those annoying ‘pop-unders’

 Google today clarified a change to its ad policies, which have now been updated to include a ban on Google advertisements on any websites that utilize “pop-under” advertisements. These obnoxious, irritating and often spammy advertisements are those that load “under” your current window – meaning you don’t see them until you minimize your browser. “We… Read More

Einride’s T-Pod self-driving transport EV gets a full-scale prototype

 Swedish tech startup Einride has built a full-scale prototype of its T-Pod, the electric autonomous transport vehicle it hopes will eventually replace smaller heavy-duty trucks, featuring remote control operation and a 200 kWh energy capacity with a maximum range of around 124 miles. The Einride T-Pod is unique in its design, as you can see, but it’s designed from the ground-up for… Read More