A vision for the future: Essential insights from British influencers at dmexco


Innovation is in the air in Cologne, Germany this week. September is getting off to a remarkably innovative start — dmexco is in town. A conference dedicated to “Lightening the age of Transformation”, dmexco sees innovative businesses, future thinkers, and those who are crafting the future, come from far and wide to further the conversation about our future world.

Across September 13th and 14th, we were front and center for talks from some of the most influential voices around the globe. We witnessed first-hand how businesses will — and must — transform their every operation on the fly as marketing and AdTech etiquette evolves, if they hope to meet the demands of the customer of tomorrow. Read more…

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5 British companies leading in advertising technology


Advertisers today know that while content may be king, data is the real belle of the ball. This is where advertising technology — or AdTech — comes into the equation: A rapidly growing industry in the UK and around the globe, AdTech connects the dots between marketing tactics and data on consumer behaviour and the journey through the sales funnel.

Salesforce’s fourth annual State of Marketing report cites significant growth year over year within the AdTech arena: It predicts 23-25% YoY growth for technologies like marketing analytics and CRM tools, and a whopping 53% YoY increase for artificial intelligence. Read more…

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Google bans its ads on sites that use those annoying ‘pop-unders’

 Google today clarified a change to its ad policies, which have now been updated to include a ban on Google advertisements on any websites that utilize “pop-under” advertisements. These obnoxious, irritating and often spammy advertisements are those that load “under” your current window – meaning you don’t see them until you minimize your browser. “We… Read More

Wrapify raises $3M from Avery Dennison to pay you to wrap your car in ads

 Wrapify, the startup that will pay you to wrap your car with an advertisement, has raised $3M in seed funding. As a refresher, the startup provides a two-side marketplace that matches up drivers wanting to make some extra money with brands looking for a unique way to advertise. Eligible drivers will get their car wrap installed (and removed) for free, and on average are paid $450 a month for… Read More

Google unveils playable ads for Android game developers and other tools

Google rolled out a series of new tools for Android game developers at GDC in San Francisco this week that offer new ways to entice users to download their games, as well as ways to make more money from the games and track how users are interacting with their titles.
One of the more notable launches is something Google is calling “playables,” which, as the name implies, is an… Read More