The wireless chargers at Starbucks will get updated to support iPhone X and 8

 Yes, you should be able to charge your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 at Starbucks. Apple announced earlier this week that its new iPhones will include support for wireless charging through the Qi standard. But as far as charging in Starbucks is concerned, there seemed to be a catch: Starbucks’ charging pads from Powermat support a different standard, PMA. This is a solvable problem, according… Read More

The Cassini Orbiter’s greatest images and discoveries

 The Cassini-Huygens mission launched from Cape Canaveral on October 15, 1997, and tomorrow, just a month shy of 20 years later, one of the most prolific purveyors of beautiful planetary science crashes into Saturn in a bittersweet “Grand Finale.” With its fuel nearly exhausted, this is its final and most dramatic experiment. Read More

Social Capital to take startups public without an IPO

 Silicon Valley venture firm Social Capital just completed the first step in its mission to take startups public without an IPO. The team has listed something called a special purchase acquisition company, known as a SPAC. More common outside of the tech industry, these blank-check companies are specifically designed to buy private companies and bring them public without going through the… Read More

This public library is offering ‘Adulting 101’ classes for Millennials


When you’re a kid you think grownups have it all figured out. Then you become an adult and realize most people have no clue what they’re doing. 

The North Bend Public Library in Oregon is starting a new program called “Adulting 101,” which is essentially a bunch of classes geared towards helping people become functioning adults without having to call mom for help. 

Classes range from financial advice, such as setting a budget and filing taxes, to cooking, getting a job, talking to your landlord and basic handy work.

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‘Street Fighter’ champ Darryl ‘Snake Eyez’ Lewis: Have fun, then win


LOS ANGELES — Darryl “Snake Eyez” Lewis is considered one of the best Street Fighter players in America. 

He’s the world’s top-ranked Zangief and he participated in an esports documentary from Red Bull, the company that sponsored him last July. Most recently, he competed in the North American Capcom Pro Tour Finals on Saturday, the final step before the Capcom Cup — and it’s $300,000 prize pool — in December.

Mashable got a chance to talk to Lewis before his CPT finals matches about what it’s like being signed by Red Bull, why Asia is dominating Street Fighter V and how to be a better player. Read more…

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