7 surprising discoveries about ‘The Princess Bride’ movie


We’re celebrating another 30th anniversary this week, with The Princess Bride (although, technically, we are a little bit early on this one!) Prepare to hear some lesser known facts about this ’80s classic.

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Retro-style game about Syrian refugee’s experience will make you laugh and cry


Path Out is an RPG adventure game like no others. 

It lures you in with its nostalgic, 16-bit aesthetic but its aims are anything but reassuring. 

Based on designer Abdullah Karam’s experience as a Syrian refugee escaping from the civil war to neighbouring Turkey, Path Out wants players to feel “right at home while creating friction with the portrayed content”, German developer Georg Hobmeier from Causa Creations said. 

A tale of both immersion and alienation, the game entices the nostalgic player with a Final Fantasy VI-like ambiance only to ironically create distance with humorously well-placed video commentaries.   Read more…

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Motorcyclist takes global adventure after ex-boyfriend deemed it ‘too dangerous’ for her


Canadian traveller and overall badass, Nikki Misurelli, is taking the global motorcycle trip of a lifetime inspired by an ex-boyfriend’s warning that she “probably couldn’t handle” the trip. 

30-year-old Misurelli, known as Alaska Moto Girl to her social media followers, told The Independent that her now ex-boyfriend was planning a trip from Alaska to Argentina. When she asked if she could come along, he replied that is was a “guy’s trip” and that it would be “too dangerous and intense” for her.

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