This pair of best friends designed a superhero costume to celebrate their religions


A pair of 13-year-old best friends, one Jewish and one Muslim, teamed up to create a costume celebrating their religions and their friendship.

Thus they designed “the Juslims,” two superhero best friends.

My daughter is Jewish. Her best pal is Muslim. For Halloween they created a superhero team: The Juslims. I’ve rarely been more proud.

— jeffpearlman (@jeffpearlman) October 30, 2016

Jeff Pearlman, father of one of the superheroes, explained the costume’s message to Buzzfeed, saying, “There’s just so much hostility in the air and in this election season.” He continued on to say that “this was just a refreshing, innocent reminder that we don’t have to be this way. We do not have to let this divisiveness take over right now.”” Read more…

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